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      Unique Painted Art

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 Please visit me at facebook.com/heatherconley.art to see what I am currently working on and the most up to date information on my art, jewelry and other creations.

  •  About Me

I've always loved to create, make and transform things. It was not until September of 2010, when I moved to Okinawa, Japan to marry my husband, that I was able to truly express myself artistically. The ocean, nature and happiness there really inspired me to just go for it.

Since then, we have lived in South Korea and Montana and visted many other places like Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Utah and every US state from Washington to Michigan. I am extremely grateful to my husband for encouraging me to do what I enjoy.

I have a unique whimsical style that has been described by other artists as modern pointillism, mosaic gems and free spirited. I love what I do and a lot of time and emotion goes into each unique piece of art.  

I have also found enjoyment in making jewelry, starting off with glow in the dark jewelry in 2011 (or so). During the summer 2016 farmers market, I started offering locals a way to pick out and design thier own charm bracelets. I really enjoyed helping make these for people so that helped decide on another adventure.

I now have 2 Etsy shops for all my art, jewelry, charms, geocaches (I'm a geocacher and really love making geocaches) and everything in between!

I've had HeatherConleyArt for my tables and art since 2010 and I now have CreativeKinyobi for everything else, opened up in October 2016


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       Painted Furniture

I love to work on wooden furniture because each piece is so unique and one-of-a-kind. I give the furniture a new life as a piece of art that still functions as a table or whatever it was in it's past life.

Depending on the condition, I sand them down to a clean, but distressed look, and just let my paint and imagination go wild. Colors can be custom to your taste or purchase a table already completed. I will also work on tables if provided to me. All art is sold 'As Is".

Freshly completed projects are pictured in the photo gallery along with examples of other work I have completed.  You can see projects, as they are completed by visiting my facebook page. Majority of my art gets 'spoken for' on facebook before I actually finish it.  If you see something you are interested in, message me on FB or email me. right away.

All my tables are painted with acrylic paints and have a textured finish with a high gloss clear coat protection. They are functional as a regular table, but be careful sliding heavy wooden, metal or rough objects across the table as they may scratch the surface. I would also advise you not to set hot dishes or candles on the table, but adding a simple padding or coaster between the two are fine. I have one in my own home I will glady show you. Cleaning the furniture with water or windex works well. I do not recommend you using any other cleaner or solution.

Each piece will come with a handmade certificate which includes the name of the art, creation dates, location and my name with signature. The certificate will add proper caring instructions.


  © Heather Conley 

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